Hello wonderful Notre Dame students,

My name is Lois Andrew and I am so excited to have been elected as your Notre Dame
Student Association President for 2022. I have been tasked with introducing our amazing
executive team to you for this year and I hope that I can do them justice!
Before I jump into that, let me give you a quick insight into what we are striving to represent
as a team this year. One thing we want to emphasise is that as a team we are
just like you. We’re all students, we’re going through the same things as you are and we wanted to be elected to the NDSA council to help you. The NDSA students are our number one priority. We plan to
represent you in a fair, respectful, engaging way in which every single Notre Dame student
feels they have a voice. We also plan to have a lot of fun and I can’t emphasise enough how
amazing this council is and how many great things we already have planned.


So, our executive team:
Eric is our Vice President and is extremely supportive, passionate and fair. He’s already had
so many great ideas and understands how to represent students as shown in his previous
role of as President of Notre Dame’s club STRIPES.

Gemma is our amazing secretary. I have never met a more organised individual and if I ever
have an issue, I turn to her and she gets it done in a heartbeat. She also has a plethora of
experience as a previous (and current) secretary of Club 46, our health sciences club.

Eli, our treasurer, is the newest member of our team and has already made such an impact.
As a previous President of our law society, she knows what’s up. She knows everything. She
is kind and fair and always answers our questions in a patient manner (even if they are
rather pedantic!)

 I am so thankful that I have such an
amazing team to support me through 2022!

As for me, I’m just excited to get started and am so thankful that you have entrusted me
with the incredible honour of being your NDSA President for 2022.
So, strap yourself in, it’s going to be an amazing ride!
- Lois Andrew

Fun, Friends, Freo


Our Mission

Notre Dame Student Association was formed to help our students grow both in & out of the classroom. Based in Fremantle, the NDSA reflects the vibrant energy of our town. 


Our Team

Our passionate & skilled team are here to help our students have a positive experience at ND & make an impact on the world.