2022 Elections

Meet your candidates below!

Lois Andrew

1. President, 2. Vice President, 3. Secretary, 4. Sport & Health Director, 5. Ordinary Council Member

Hi everyone!

My name is Lois Andrew, I’m 19 and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science.

I absolutely love Notre Dame but have found that during COVID it’s been hard to properly get engaged. A bit about me, I was born in New York and spent most of my childhood in Hong Kong (which I will always consider home). I consider myself extremely fortunate to have grown up in different countries, as they exposed me to a variety of different cultures from an early age. 

My absolute favourite thing in the world is sport, doesn’t matter which one I LOVE them all. However, if we’re talking specifics footy and cricket have been my biggest passion for about a decade. I’m an avid Hawthorn supporter. People say I’m obsessed but I prefer the term passionate (but let’s be real, they’re definitely right!) This year was actually my 14th season of netball, and I hope to be one of those people who are still playing when they’re 70. In my free time you can imagine what I’m doing, you’ll most likely find me crocheting in front of sport, specifically rewatching Hawthorns grand finals of ’13, 14 & 15 (our glory days I know…) 

Another fact about me is I will never ever be able to spell the word favourite (even just typing it has taken me minutes, even with auto correct.) People always say, ‘’what do you mean? It’s easy, it’s just…’’, but it doesn’t matter how many times I hear that, I will never get it. 

I should probably stop talking about words I can’t spell and tell you why I think I would be a good fit for this council.

Without tooting my own horn sort of speak, I have always thrived in leadership positions. I’m a very confident public speaker and have always gravitated towards situations where I can take the reins. Having said that, I love the contribution of other people and everyone’s opinions and ideas are always considered. I am also very time efficient and organised (my diary is a work of art if I do say so myself). Whilst I would be new to the NDSA council, I have had experience in this area. I was on the student council for my school in 2019 and absolutely loved it. I have also coached a multitude of teams in netball and footy which has allowed me to further my skills by combining two of my favourite things, sport and leading.

In a world where men are considered the ‘’boss’’ and women are considered ‘’bossy’’ I strive to narrow that gap and show that women can lead just as well as men can. 

I know that there will be many fantastic options for our council next year, but I hope that you’ll consider me to be on that council for 2022.

Eric De Sousa

1. President, 2. Vice President, 3. Ordinary Council Member
1. LGBTQIA+ Representative

I am applying to be a part of the NDSA because I have a dream to foster a stronger club culture at Notre Dame. But before I shove anymore propaganda down your throat, I’d like to introduce myself. I am a first-year nursing student passionate about making institutional change here at Notre Dame. I have been in leadership roles throughout high school and uni. Most recently I have been the President of STRIPES, the LGBTQIA+ social club here at Notre Dame Fremantle. It, along with my other leadership roles, have been incredibly rewarding positions that have prepared me to cut through any bureaucracy and miscommunication that might come my way while serving on the NDSA council.  

Passions and hobbies in order from the least likely to cause bodily harm to the most include:
- Binge watching TV shows/Movies
- Coffee
- Saying “oops” when I run over curbs
- Saying “She’ll be right” when she won’t be
- Drinking a bit too much   

I believe the club culture at Notre Dame is something that is severely lacking, and I believe I am the person to improve it. Notre Dame students need more motivation to participate in NDSA and club events and that’s something I want to provide. Through improved marketing of club and NDSA events, clearer communication between the NDSA and clubs as well as catering events to include all Notre Dame students I plan to achieve this goal. Above all, however, I want to create clearer communication between the NDSA, ND clubs and all Notre Dame students. 

To sum it up I humbly ask for your vote so I can foster a closer relationship between the NDSA, clubs and Notre Dame students.

Gemma Tueno

1. Secretary, 2. Events Director, 3. General Committee Member, 4. Welfare Committee Chair
1. Women's Representative, 2. General Committee Member

I love being a part of uni life including organising, coordinating and contributing in any way I can. I have been a part of extra curriculum council such as the NDSA for most of my life including Club 46 since July 2020 and would love to be part of a bigger organisation where I can really test and develop my skills. I am also excited to play a more active role in student life and events in and around uni. I am looking forward to working towards aims of the welfare committee, including ensuring inclusivity at events, promoting student welfare and advising students on issues relating to welfare. These are all noble endeavours that I believe, when executed correctly will improve the on-campus experience of all Notre Dame students. I would love to be a part of a committee that achieves these goals.

Layla Barr

1. Academic Committee Chair

Hello there! My name is Layla Barr and I am a second-year Biomedical Science and Pre-Medicine Certificate student. I am nominating for the role of AcademicCommittee Chair of the Notre Dame Student Association for 2022. I have served as Deputy Academic Chair of the NDSA Academic Committee throughout 2021. I believe my experience in this role has provided me with a strong understanding of how the committee operates and its goals, as well as the necessary leadership skills required to take on the position of AcademicCommittee Chair in 2022. I am also an organised, reliable individual who is passionate about representing students and ensuring that students are involved in decision- making concerning academic university matters.

Matthew Luke Jones

1. Clubs Committee Chair

I started studying at the University of Notre Dame due Notre Dame’s clubs. I was inspired by the dedication of these students, along with their willingness to bring a sense of entertainment and culture to the campus. The importance of Notre Dame clubs is present through the university’s acknowledgment of an LGBTQIA+ club, the student run magazine, our diverse and growing clubs with rich cultural backgrounds, and being able to put on productions that have never been seen on a catholic campus in Australia.

I have been a part of the clubs community for three years now, taking up the roles of Marketing Manager, Vice President and President of the Performing Arts Association of Notre Dame Australia. While doing this I have been the Treasurer for the Performing Arts Alumni Society, an external group of Notre Dame Alumni that are heavily involved with the WA theatre and performing scene. Through these roles I have experienced the difficulties of running clubs/associations and only wish to assist in the alleviation of misplaced stresses. 

Like any democratic role in clubs politics (or how a democracy should be), I would be a voice for the clubs, voicing concerns and issues to the appropriate persons and consistently look for ways to improve club’s experiences. To be specific I HATE EVENTS FORMS AND RAMPs. I said it, and no takesies backsies is what jesus said. 

I do hope you vote for me for the role of Clubs Chairperson and that you can feel confident doing so. 

To end this, here are some quotes I have heard said of me: 

Niccolò Machiavelli: “The ends justify the means.Matt is pretty cute.” 
Julia Gillard: “I will be lectured about anything by this Matt, I will.” 
Peter Martin (Events Coordinator): “Matthew, stop calling me it’s 4 am.” 
All the Deans: “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure Matt is faking that British accent.”

Sid Murali

1. Events Director

Hey champions! 

I'm Sid; your laid back and approachable Freo local. As a new student, I was blown away by how inviting everyone is at Notre Dame, and I would love to return the favour next year as your Events Director at NDSA! My vision for 2022 is to create more fun and unique events that rival UWA, which appeal to everyone - including the less socially inclined. I would also encourage NDSA to partner up with our beloved local venues. (Esp. pubs).

Before joining Notre Dame, I was at Curtin University where I served as the Gala Ball conveyor and as the media and communications officer for the Curtin Association of Medical Students. I helped promote the club's COIVD-safe events and my event planning was always guided by student ideas and feedback. The role involved organising logistics with venues, finding photographers and DJs, and most importantly: creating funny video trailers for promotion - all skills I can contribute to the NDSA team.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to vote Sid as your next Events Director!

Christopher Alvaro

1. Marketing & Strategy Director, 2. Events Director, 3. Environment Director,
4. Ordinary Council Member

Hi, I'm Chris! I'm currently in my third year of Education. I will teach Drama and MediaStudies. I'm dedicated to helping people and making the world a slightly better place, one interaction at a time. This Year I'd like to be considered for NDSA in any of three areas.

Marketing & Strategy Director
Firstly it has to be said, "Graphic design is my Passion." I have experience and love working in marketing, having been a Marketing engineer for an NPL Soccer Club and several companies over the past five years. I love the idea of creating a brand that speaks for the people that use it. When I think Notre Dame, I think Fun, Friends, Freo. I want to breathe new life into our NDSA and keep you more connected than ever.
Events DirectorI love a party and having fun with friends. Our university years are meant to be living carefree and having a great time with our friends and with my Actor and Drama Teacher background, I'm sure never to leave you wanting more. (Things can be a bit extra.) I also want to focus on having events that can help our peers not only survive "Uni" but thrive in it. Events focusing on Mental Health and Study, not to mention free food.

Environment Director
I love our campus, and I want to keep improving it, focusing on clean and functional spaces that help you get through the day and revitalising Prindiville Hall to a space that ensures you have everything you need. A campus that provides what you need and does it in an environmentally friendly way.

and if you're still here but have other fantastic people in your mind for those roles, I'd be more than happy lending a hand as an Ordinary Council Member. Thank you for getting to know me, and I hope you have a fantastic day.