Our NDSA Assist Director offers confidential, independent and friendly advice and support on issues both student and non-student related during your time at the university. 

Our assist department can help with a variety of issues including;

  • Grants or interest-free loans for students experiencing hardship during practical placement, during extended periods of illness or adverse life events. 

  •  Advice and representation on academic issues including appeals, special consideration, academic     misconduct cases, and complaints

  • Advocacy for personal issues at a university level such as inclusion. 

  • Food pantry in Prindiville - free food items for students to access on campus.

  • Health and wellbeing support, including general advice regarding university life, scholarships and accommodation on campus


"A problem shared, is a problem halved"


As Students, we know that student life can be hard enough as it, without the extra challenges life throws our way. If you need any assistance, please let us know.