Club Awards 2019

The Awards

Best Club of the year

This is awarded to the most active and successful club of the year, in all areas such as events, presence on campus, attendance at university functions and overall club growth.

Best clubs person

This is awarded to any clubs person, who has committed greatly to the world of Notre Dame clubs in 2019.

Most improved award

This award goes to the club that improved the most over 2019, no matter the size of the club.

Best up & Coming Club

This award is for a newer club that has grown greatly in 2019.

Best Club Event

This is awarded to the most successful club event throughout the year.

Best External Achievement

This is awarded to a club that has made a great achievement outside of the university in 2019.

Marketing & Presence award

For the club that has been the most active around the uni, and on social media.

The "unsung Hero" Award

This is awarded to a clubs person who is not part of an executive team of a club, but still commits greatly to the club in every capacity.

Red Cross - Blood drive Award

This is the only award which does not require nominations, as it goes to the club with the most donations in the red cross 2019 clubs blood drive.

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