Meet the candidates

Get to know our candidates for the 2021 NDSA Council and Welfare Committee! (Candidates' statements and headshots are next to their first preference position) 


Jesse Fleay

School: Philosophy and Theology

Also nominated for: LGBTIQ+ Representative (2), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Representative(3)

Jesse John Fleay is passionate about driving social change for the improvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and all Australians.  In his short academic career, Jesse has already been involved in several landmark social change initiatives including drafting the Uluru Statement which calls on reform to Australia’s federal parliament around three key elements: enshrining a First Nations Voice in the constitution; establishment of a Makarrata Commission to supervise agreement making; and overseeing a process of truth-telling about Australia’s colonisation. Jesse is a proud Aboriginal man, and a proud gay man, who is engaged to his partner Joel, and lives in the Swan Valley. Jesse’s work on the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and delegation to Australian Republic positions, has inspired him to create a model for significant social reform and constitutional change, that affects the immediate future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and all Australians.  His PhD at Notre Dame’s School of Philosophy and Theology champions an Aboriginal sense of justice. Over time, this research has already influenced WA State policy with the goal of making changes in organisational approaches with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, to a self-governance and sovereignty partnership model. Jesse would be proud to lead as your President, Academic Committee Chair, your LGBTIQA+ Representative, and your Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Representative, and is running independently, to represent the progress and change, and the tradition and culture, at the core of Notre Dame’s ethos.

Olivia trahair

School: Education

Also nominated for: -

I am so passionate about the Notre Dame Student Association! I believe the Council has the ability to make some necessary and positive change and continue to grow as an organisation that supports the Notre Dame community. My effective communication and leadership skills, as well as my compassion, will ensure I am a successful President for the second term running. If elected, in 2021, I would focus on:

  • strengthening the student voice on campus;

  • ensuring students are involved in decision-making processes at all levels;

  • continuing to develop positive relationships with Notre Dame staff and the wider Fremantle community;

  • developing a national approach to student representation;

  • increasing access to mental health support; and

  • SO MUCH MORE including more free food, bigger and better events, introduction of a social membership and improved student spaces and access to parking!

I am so proud of the efforts and achievements of the 2020 Council and want to ensure this momentum and success is continued into 2021 and beyond!

Vice President

Georgia Collie

School: Nursing and Midwifery

Also nominated for: - 

I am passionate about championing the voice of students and working with the NDSA to better the University experience for students at Notre Dame. I love to help people, solve problems, and enjoy working in a team environment. I have previous leadership experience within high school and various clubs at the university, and I believe this has prepared me for any challenges that I may encounter throughout the year. The welfare of students is very important to me, and I would love to encourage an open conversation about mental health and establish and grow the support systems within the university for those who are struggling. I am also passionate about educating fellow students on how we can help and be there for each other during tough times. Improving staff relationships and continuing to develop open and strong lines of communication between students and the respective staff, is very important because every student deserves support. I would also like to push the initiative to increase student parking, to make students life that little bit easier. I believe that I am an approachable, reliable, considerate, and hardworking person. I can also accomplish tasks within a set deadline and am a good listener and always down for a good chat.



School: Law & Arts

Also nominated for: -

After one amazing year in the NDSA, I believe some amazing steps were made forward both for myself but also the Association. I think another year being involved in all the amazing things that the council do on a day-to-day basis would allow me to be a part of some really important changes that will affect student and staff alike for a long time going forward. The first time you do anything is a learning curve and my first term in council is no different, but I know that I can bring something to the council but more importantly that I have so much more to learn from working with similarly driven students who are invested in the wider student experience. A second year being a part of this amazing facet of student life would be a privilege I would be honoured to receive, and a challenge I cant wait to take on.


Stephen Beirouti

School: Education

Also nominated for: -

Hey everyone! My name is Stephen and I am studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Arts. I’ve put my hand up for the NDSA again this year because I have really enjoyed being able to represent the broader student body at the University! I would love the opportunity to continue being a representative for all students and making sure that everyone students time at Notre Dame is one to remember.

Thomas Desmond

School: Arts

Also nominated for: -

Being on the NDSA is such a rewarding opportunity. I have been on and off involved with the
NDSA since 2017 and I have enjoyed every second of it! I have been treasurer for the past year
and being involved with the executive has been a very illuminating experience. However, COVID
threw in a curve ball and really stalled initiatives that were planned. As such I am running for
treasurer again, to hopefully continue the work that I have been doing this year and help bring the
NDSA to the next level. If elected I will work with the Executive to work on our strategic vision for
the next couple of years and help put on more events to help grow the relationship with the

Academic Committee Chair

Layla Barr

School: Health Sciences

Also nominated for: Ordinary Council Member(2), Welfare GCM(3)

Hello there!
My name is Layla Barr and I am a first-year student studying a Bachelor of Biomedical
Science and the Pre-Medicine Certificate at Notre Dame’s Fremantle campus.
In my first year; I have endeavoured to be involved in the university community by
working with members of the NSDA and being active within the club’s community,
notably as the marketing director for the West End Society. Externally, I also sit on my
local youth council where I act as a voice for change for the youth community in my
suburb. These opportunities have allowed me to gain a strong understanding of the
necessary responsibilities and leadership skills required to be a committee member,
expertise which I shall bring to my role on the NDSA.
My mission is to ensure that every individual at Notre Dame is not only heard,
acknowledged and supported, but feels that they can influence matters relating to
Notre Dame’s quality of learning. With being a multidisciplinary student and incredibly
academic I am sensitive to the variety of needs students from a wide range of fields
have and am passionate about representing the ideas and concerns of students to the
university in order to work towards change on a grand scale.
With this mission in mind, I am applying for the role of Academic Committee Chair
within the NSDA as I believe this position in combination with my goals will be where I
will be able to most impact the university community. In addition to Academic Chair, I
am also applying for general committee positions on both the NSDA and the Welfare
committee, where I will be able to contribute to my community in different capacities.
You can usually find me in St Teresa’s library, and I am always available to talk about
how we together as students can improve Notre Dame student life.

Adelle Harris

School: Education

Also nominated for: Welfare Committee Chair(2)

My name is Adelle Harris and I am a Third Year Education Student. Having recently gained insight into the role of the NDSA, I have developed a deep appreciation for the collective voice the association allows students to have. My compassionate nature ensures that I am always working with the best interest of others at heart, which means I will be fair in my representation of students. My initiative and willingness to learn will make me a productive member of the NDSA if elected

Tom Oliver

School: Law

Also nominated for: Ordinary Council Member(2), Welfare Committee Chair(3), Accessibility Representative(4), Welfare GCM(5)

A vehement advocator for equity, equality, rights and strong governance. The Notre Dame student body deserves a student-driven representative who is prepared to deliver and stand up for student support, student welfare, and a student-centred approach. If you agree, vote here.


A bit about myself: I’m a Law/Biomedical Science student at Notre Dame; I serve on the Advisory Council at Autism West, a non-for-profit organisation which advocates for the rights and opportunities (employment, housing etc.) of autistic individuals in our society; I advise the Australian Senate Select Committee on Autism; I run my own tennis coaching business; and I’m a law clerk for both The City of Fremantle, and Albert Wolff Chambers.


In my spare time, I love to play tennis, fortunate enough to play in the Men’s Div 1 and Men’s State League divisions.


A couple of weeks ago, there was an article about me in WAtoday, republished nationwide in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times, and elsewhere, pertaining to my work in advocating for autistic individuals, which you can read here: Thank you and goodnight.

Clubs Committee Chair

Grace Cuddihy

School: Arts and Sciences

Also nominated for: Womens' Representative(2), LGBTQIA+ Representative

Hi! My name is Grace and I am running for the role of Clubs Committee Chair in the
hopes of completing a second term! I have been a member of the NDSA Council for the
past two years and have been heavily involved in the club’s community for the past
four. I have a passion for student leadership and believe that student voices deserve to
be heard above all others at Notre Dame.
During my current term as Clubs Committee Chair, I have made a lot of positive
changes to club policy and procedure. I have reintroduced old clubs, affiliated new
clubs and given existing clubs the tools to grow. I have developed strong relationships
with each club and have an understanding of their goals and how to help each club
achieve them. Though Covid-19 has interfered with my work, I have had a productive
and successful first term as Clubs Committee Chair. I feel that I have gained
momentum in this role and I want to continue to improve clubs on our campus. I
believe that the club’s community is an essential part of university culture and that I
have the experience, passion, and knowledge to continue to make it better.

Welfare Committee Chair

Liam Martin

School: Education

Also nominated for: Academic Committee Chair

My name is Liam Martin, and I am a Second year Bachelor of Education Primary student. I am
applying to be on the 2021 NDSA Council as I am passionate about helping people and giving
back to the community that I am a part of. I am a friendly and approachable person who is well
liked by peers and genuinely cares about the wellbeing of all students. I have had the privilege of
serving as the 2020 Welfare Committee Chair for the NDSA; this position has given me an
amazing opportunity to engage with the Notre Dame Community and make positive change. This
change has come about through events such as International Women’s Day, RUOK Day and
wellness week. In addition to events I have spent this year building relationships between the
Welfare Department and Notre Dame staff, particularly in the Counselling, Chaplaincy and Student
Services offices, these relationships have been instrumental in making sure that the student voice
has been heard in many of the decisions that have been made over the past year as the daily
operations of the University have had to be modified to comply with COVID safe practices.
I believe that my passion and past NDSA experience would make me a valuable addition to the
2021 council and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue serving the Notre Dame
Student community.
I hope I can count on your vote!

Jarvys Mcqueen-mason

Also nominated for: Clubs Committee Chair(2), Events Director(3), Academic Committee Chair(4), Treasurer(5), Secretary(6), Vice President(7), Ordinary Council Member(8), LGBTQIA+ Representative(9)

My name is Jarvys McQueen-Mason and I am a third year student studying a Bachelor of Arts at Notre
Dame’s Fremantle campus. I have been the Clubs Committee Deputy Chair during 2020 as well as an active
member of the clubs community - having occupied and performed in multiple roles in clubs over my three
years at the University. In addition, I have made an effort to be as engaged with the NDSA as possible, prior
to, during, and around my time in the Deputy role. I have frequently attended NDSA meetings as either a
proxy or observer over the past two years of my studies, and as a result believe that I have a strong
understanding of what it takes to be a committee member, and the undertakings of many of the portfolios on
the team. As a theatrical director, previous and current member of several committees, and active member
of the Notre Dame student and club community, I bring a rich experience in leadership roles and a worldly,
empathetic and creative viewpoint for all my undertakings.
I am applying primarily for Welfare Committee Chair, a role I would take on with energy and an empathetic
approach. I have an incredible passion for mental wellbeing, and in every aspect of my life I operate with a
mantra of making sure everyone is safe, treated with fairness, and can express their feelings openly and
receive no judgement, and the help they need - be it advice, understanding or affirmation. I have undertaken
a formal certificate in LGBTQIA+ sensitivity training, and intend to broaden my qualifications in the field of
mental health and wellbeing training by first semester 2021. I am especially sensitive to the needs of
students, with a broad pool of knowledge to pull from, having undertaken multidisciplinary studies all
throughout my three year tenure at the University, and having always been an advocate for student rights
and equity in education. Finally, I believe that I have the capacity to be a balanced and versatile supporter,
able to bring empathy and emotional understanding to situations, as well as logic and emotional reasoning.
Ultimately, I believe I could bring an open and versatile approach to the role, and back it up with a wealth of
experience and an ongoing commitment to qualification in the field of welfare, and help grow a safe space
on campus for all students.
Beyond Welfare Chair however, I believe I could bring a creative and experience-backed approach to a
number of portfolios on the NDSA, especially those of Clubs Chair and Events Director, and I’m always
down for a chat or a good-spirited debate to elucidate any plans, qualifications and passions in any of the
fields for which I am running!

Events Director

CHristopher Alvaro

School: Education

Also nominated for: Environment Director(2), Ordinary Council Member(3)

My name is Chris Alvaro, and I am nominating myself to be a member of the 2021 Notre Dame Student
Association. I am a 2nd-year student studying Secondary Education. Teaching, at its essence, is about
the creation of a safe, supportive learning environment wherein my beliefs kindness should be king,
and no one should be left behind.
University life and study are very important to me- but I realise that I have to find the time to rest and
relax as well. To help me transition from a busy day to my afternoon downtime, I try to spend some time
checking in with my mates I haven't had the chance to see in a while and planning a time to meet
again. On the weekends, I love nothing more than hanging out with friends and preparing an elaborate
costume party. I also enjoy focusing on mental health and promoting positive mental health practices
where ever possible.
Over the past two years, I've seen the work that the NDSA has done, and I want to contribute in a way
that will make the place we all learn and grow a better place for the people that will come after we have
left it. I've been off campus for a while now with our online learning in 'Semester One' and a successful
practicum for the first ten weeks of "Semester Two". In this time I have realised just how incredible
university life at Notre Dame is, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things after the midterm
break and hopefully being apart of that community.

Kara Divito

School: Education

Also nominated for: Environment Director(2), Ordinary Council Member(3), Assist Director(4)

‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader’ ~ John Quincy Adams. This quote embodies my belief of what makes a true leader and representative for others. My name is Kara Divito, and I am a second year Primary Education student. As a part of my time here at Notre Dame, I am hoping to immerse myself more in the campus community, set myself goals and challenges, support other students and most importantly grow as a person.


It would mean the absolute world to me, to be chosen for a role in next year’s NDSA Council. I will strive to place you as the students and leaders of your own journey, in the forefront of my mind when it comes to any role; and just like John Q. A. has stated, actions of purpose and passion can lead to great things.

assist Director

Skye Huggins

School: Health Sciences

Also nominated for: Ordinary Council Member(2)

I am in my second year of Biomedical Science and Pre-Medicine Certificate in the hope of becoming a paediatrician, hence why I volunteer at the Perth Children’s Hospital weekly. Also, in my spare time I enjoy playing netball for John XXIII College Netball Club, working part time at Brighton Road Food Market, swim training, surfing and hanging out with mates.


I absolutely adored being on the Notre Dame Student Association this year as the Assist Director and would love the opportunity to provide services for students in 2021. Furthermore, I would love to promote the Assist Fund more extensively, facilitate the food pantry and host fundraiser events to increase awareness of the Assist Department to ensure students feel as if they can ask for help.

ciara Morrissey

School: Law and Arts

Also nominated for: Environment Director(2), Ordinary Council Member(3)

I am excited to get involved in university life again after nearly a whole year of online uni. I am a friendly person, dedicated to helping people in any way I can and would love the opportunity to do that through a position on the NDSA. Following the events of this year, I will strive to strengthen the Notre Dame community spirit and campus atmosphere that was challenged by online university and help to provide fun opportunities outside of the mountains of assessments we’re all struggling to complete!

Molly Urwin

School: Law and Arts

Also nominated for: Ordinary Council Member(2), Welfare GCM(3)

Hi my name is Molly Urwin. I am going into my third year of a double degree of law and arts. I am excited for the opportunity to get a bit more involved in the Notre Dame community and would love to be a part of the NDSA. I am super friendly and always keen for a chat. I would aim to bring passion and hard work to any position I was offered. Thanks for reading!

Ordinary council members

Laura Gillman

School: Law

Also nominated for: Environment Director(2), Treasurer(3)

Hey, my name is Laura Gillman and I am nominating myself for a position in the NDSA in 2021. Next year I will be in my fourth year studying a double degree Bachelor of Law and Commerce and would love to take this opportunity to get more involved in our community. We all know that Uni life has heaps to offer and I am enthusiastic about making sure people can make the most of these opportunities. I am an organised person who is diligent and hardworking, and having four siblings has made me pretty easy going and keen to work cohesively with people. I am always up for a chat and want to make sure that you get the best experience out of Uni as possible.

Roisin Mcnulty

School: Law

Also nominated for: - 

I am hoping to join the NDSA Council in 2021 as I want to improve the Notre Dame community and make everyone’s university experience as good as possible. Next year I will be in my third year of my Law/Arts degree and I am hoping to get further involved at Notre Dame. I would like to push for more social events for ND students and improve life on campus for all of the different schools.

Xavier Mitchell

School: Education

Also nominated for: -

I would love to be considered for the position of Ordinary Council Member with the Notre Dame Student Association in 2021. Throughout 2020 I have loved being the Treasurer of the Education Society and would love to increase my university involvement and fulfill my leadership potential. I am a positive and outgoing person who loves to be a part of a team. Creating and maintaining connections brings me great joy. This helps me to thrive in new environments and tackle challenges head on, encouraging others along with me. I have been told that I am hard working and reliable. I care greatly about the education and wellbeing of my current peers and future students. I hope that you can see me as a student representative.

Georgina Thorpe

School: Law and Arts

Also nominated for: -

My name is Georgina Thorpe, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Theatre Studies. Studying at Notre Dame has been by far one of the best choices I have made – the combination of like-minded students, vibrant campus and good (and lots of) coffee is what makes it so great. Recently I have been involved in TLG as an eMentor, which I could not recommend enough, and volunteering for PAANDA behind the scenes. A fun fact about me is that I studied Voice at UWA for a year, so watch out for me at karaoke nights. By being elected to the NDSA, I would like to continue their mission of enhancing the student voice and life on campus by helping run more events.


Trudi gribble

School: Arts and Sciences

Nominating for: Welfare GCM

Trudi is studying Behavioural Science at The University of Notre Dame Fremantle Australia as a mature age student.

With a background of disability and community services, Trudi is working in the field of Autism. She finds community and societal restraints and misunderstandings of Autism, impacts on the community as a whole. Trudi would like to contribute to improving the wellbeing of all individuals who need support and who may be within marginalised sectors of society, as well those living with a disability. Part of being an advocate for the community means also keeping an eye on ethical and moral issues that sometimes those within the diverse community can be vulnerable around. As a mature age student also identifying as Autistic, I would have great pleasure in assisting the council and serving as a general welfare committee member.

Ally Orton

School: Health Sciences

Nominated for: Women's Representative(1), Ordinary Council Member(2), Welfare GCM(3)

I am currently in my second year of Biomedical Science transferring to nursing next year. My aspiration in life is to become a paediatric nurse as I love helping others, especially children. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, walking my dog and hanging out with friends. Furthermore, I have worked at Brighton Road Food Market in Scarborough for over 5 years now as a barista and café manager. I also regularly babysit for multiple families. 


I would absolutely love to be a part of the NDSA for 2021 as I have a passion for woman’s rights and equality. The opportunity to be a part of NDSA would allow me to speak on behalf of the students of Notre Dame to ensure a safe, productive and fun learning environment can be achieved.

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