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Step 1. 

Start by looking at our clubs manual. This has the expectations and guidelines for all clubs affiliated under the NDSA. It further explains the affiliation process and what it means to be a NDSA Club!

NDSA Clubs Manual

Step 2. 

Collect your team! Each new club needs at least 5 supporting members who are enrolled students at the Notre Dame Fremantle Campus. 

Step 3. 

Fill out the Affiliation Application. You'll need a name, a list of proposed events and campaigns, projected budget, and the signatures of your team.

Affiliation Application

Step 4. 

Create a draft constitution for the affiliation application. We have attached a draft constitution for you to use as a base!

Draft Constitution

Step 5. 

Submit your affiliation documents to the NDSA via our Clubs Director. Your application will then be taking to the council, who will vote on recommending your proposed club to university. The Clubs Director will keep you updated on this process.

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