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Who Are We?

... By Students

Notre Dame Student Association was created in 1996 to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Located in Fremantle, the NDSA reflects the vibrant energy of our town. Our passionate and skilled team are here to help our students have a positive experience here at ND and make an impact on the world. Are you ready to reach your potential? Join us!

Grace cuddihy

International and Residences Officer

Bachelor of Science (Archaeology)

Charlotte Lee

Deputy Events


Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing + Public Relations)/Bachelor of Communications + Media (Screen Production)

Maneesh kelly

Sponsorship and Discount Officer

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources)

Macy Gregson

Mature and Postgraduate Officer

Master of Laws

BEnji Rabeling

Equity and Access Officer

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Bree Macaulay

Sports and Health Officer

Bachelor of Nursing

Heather urry

Assist Officer

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting + Finance)

Lauren Italiano


Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts (History)



Welfare Director

Bachelor of Counselling

Kaitlin Thorpe

Academic Director

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts (History + Archaeology)

Thomas Desmond

Clubs Director

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)



Marketing and Strategy Director

Bachelor of Nursing

Olivia Trahair

Events Director

Bachelor of Education (Primary)




Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Kirralee Coulter

Vice President

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing + Public Relations)/Bachelor of Communications + Media (Journalism + Screen Production)




Bachelor of Commerce  

Eloise Ashton

Environment Officer

Bachelor of Science

Media and Publicity Officer

Tessa Harris

Women's Officer

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts (Theatre)